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Conceptualised by Australian technology consultancy Versent, Stax was initially brought to life by three cloud-savvy employees who were frustrated with the uncertainty and lack of visibility surrounding cloud deployments. And when their customers voiced the same frustrations, it seemed like a good time to take action.

Taking a design-led approach to development – and picking the brains of some willing customers along the way – the Stax team set about creating an efficient and intuitive AWS monitoring tool that would take the guesswork out of cloud technology management, and provide a new level of confidence for customers.


Stax was built by a team of cloud computing experts, with the aim of delivering AWS monitoring tools which would improve cloud computing efficiency and deliver cloud cost savings. Meet some of our team.

Staff member Dave Slutzkin General Manager

Dave Slutzkin

General Manager

Staff member Laura Molony Product Manager

Laura Molony

Product Manager

Staff member Sebastian Porto Senior Developer

Sebastian Porto

Senior Developer

Staff member Alex Smith Senior Developer

Alex Smith

Senior Developer

Staff member Darcy Laycock Senior Developer

Darcy Laycock

Senior Developer

Staff member David Angus UX designer

David Angus

UX Designer

Staff member Monica Crusellas UI Designer

Monica Crusellas

UI Designer

Case Studies


Carsales gains visibility of cost and quality in the cloud with Stax



Seems like industry is picking up what we put down, and they’ve been saying some nice things about us and the work we do. Which makes us feel pretty proud. So proud in fact, that we feel inclined to share. Because good things are worth sharing, don’t you think?

For press inquiries, please contact us at press@stax.io

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